Joe Buddens Speaks on VIBE’S Rap List

Joey speaks on the blasphemy which is the VIBE’S Rap List. In my personal opinion VIBE already lost all credibility when they releasesd that B.S. Blog List earlier this week. Now, let me take STREET KNOWLEDGE out the debate and say there were clear omissions that were made that immediately voided the list, let alone the fact they had entries that aren’t even blogs. WHO THE F*CK gave the VIBE the right to even fix their mouths about Hip Hop supremacy? Don’t they do sloppy R&B journalism over there? Outside of Joey’s emotional outbursts I have to say that the “rappers” they have on that list are extremely outdated and unfounded. The Hip Hop cronyism has to come to an end before the year is out. And I dare one of you n*ggas to take me up on what I’m sayig…

Sound Off!!

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