Ghostface: How I Nearly Killed Method Man In A Tour Prank Gone Wrong


via HHC Digital

Pretty Toney might not have impressed the PopBitch massive with his London gig, but there’s still time to catch him and his Theodore roadies in the UK when they bring the ruckus to theirremaining UK gigs.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak preview from HHC Digital’s interview with Ghost Deini that’ll be appearing in full in the next issue…

“A tour’s about having fun, doing what you gotta do, get to your destination safe, get back safe and just rocking the people, man. We had a lotta fun, a lotta things you can’t even talk about… But I remember one time we was in the hotel when we was younger – me, Method Man and all of us, we’d play tricks on each other. We took the fire extinguisher while he was asleep, went to his room, put it under his door, and just let the whole fire extinguisher out in his room!

“So he started choking though, but that wasn’t good. We was young, we could’a kilt him! He was breathing all of that in, and he came out the door, coughing, and his whole head was white! That was one of the moments from back then that you remember that was kinda like crazy, but you learn from that.”

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