Top 15 Most Popular Music Sites


Surprisingly, not one of those blogs from the sham VIBE list made the Big Boy list. Oh well, gotta grind a lil’ bit harder for that number one slot.

via Hypebot

According to a new report by Comscore Media Metrix, these are the most visited music sites on the internet measured by unigue monthly visitors in April,

  1. Yahoo Music (20,578,092)
  2. MTV Networks Music (18,543,442)
  3. ArtistDirect Network (12,193,996)
  4. MSN Music (7,352,016)
  5. Jango Music Network (6,921,809)
  6. Universal Music Group (6,240,440)
  7. Imeem (6,162,165)
  8. Project Playlist (6,043,186)
  9. Rhapsody (6,014,385)
  10. Sony Music (3,900,618)
  11. Lyricsmode (3,804,775)
  12. (3,740,479)
  13. Windows Music (3,054,952)

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