Obama Graces Cover of Newsweek, Debuting May 25


via HipHopPopCrunch

In an interview with the May 25 issue of Newsweek Magazine, President Barack Obama opened up about how his family is dealing with life in The White House — and how that might change once his tween daughters become teenagers.

“You know, the nice thing is that, partly because of temperament, partly because of Michelle’s unbelievable parenting skills, I’ve just got some happy, normal kids,” the Commander-In-Chief says of daughters Sasha, 10, and Malia, 7. “And all that stuff that’s going on around them, they just kind of miss. We have not seen any effects, any fishbowl effects, yet on them.”

“Now, I worry about them when they’re teenagers where, you know, you’re already embarrassed about your parents and even more embarrassed on TV all the time,” he explains. “And dating I think will be an issue because I have men with guns surrounding them at all times [laughter], which I’m perfectly happy with, but they may feel differently about it.”

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