[video] Did the Internet Kill Journalism?

This is a panel held to discuss the impact that the internet has had on journalism and the role that Hip Hop played in last year’s historic election. Although this is an introductory clip, we will be following with a more complete version in a few days. Stay tuned and get familiar with Hip Hop’s media elite.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Loop 21’s roundtable “Journalism in Color”. Erik Parker (SOHH), Elliot Wilson (Rap Radar), Chuck Creekmur (All Hip Hop), Steve Raze (All Hip Hop), Kevin Clark (Giant), Sheryl Huggins (AOL Black Voices), Andreas Hale (BET), Nile Ivey (BET), Charlamagne (radio personality), Blackspot (Global Grind), Jayson Rodriguez (MTV), Chloe Hilliard (Freelance Cultural Journalist).


Vodpod videos no longer available.

One thought on “[video] Did the Internet Kill Journalism?

  1. It is nonsense to claim that the internet “killed” journalism. What the internet has achieved is a major re-engineering of journalism, the way in which news and stories are captured, edited, and distributed. What the internet IS having a major impact on is print media and the entire “ad revenue to pay for print media” model. As sales of newspapers and magazines has declined, advertisers have redirected that ad budgets to other mediums, but the internet is not being hailed as the mighty answer for advertisers. Return on investment for internet advertisers is still very sketchy.

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