[video] RNC Chairman Michael Steele Says Malcolm X is His Favorite Leader

OK, you gotta give him credit for even reaching this far and by reaching I mean speaking his true thoughts in public. Anyone who actually read Malcolm’s book can’t deny his appeal or his inspiring story, so kudos to Steele for having a pair.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3 thoughts on “[video] RNC Chairman Michael Steele Says Malcolm X is His Favorite Leader

  1. Streetknowledge, I apologize if I insulted your intellect, but one of my greatest pet peeves is the dogmatic nature in which Republican attempt to break up our voting block by using one of if not the oldest political tricks in the book (controlling or influencing a population by using one of their own to divide them ,thus, rendering them all politically and socially impudent).

    We are only twelve percent of the nation. Our only strength lies in our voting block! Whenever I see the White Man’s Dog (in this case Steele) pandering to us it sickens me b/c I know his goal is to defeat us from within.

    I don’t care if he rescues a hundred babies from a burning building. Our voting block is all we have in this country. Make no mistake about it anyone who in anyway threatens that block is enemy number one and must not be taken lightly!!! Infact, at all times they must be damned by us all!

  2. Granted, we are well versed in politricks but ultimately he will be held to task by his constituents and made to respond “truthfully” (if there is such a thing in politics). Rush will be all over this by the morning and he will have to defend his line. In this day and age when someone will even mention Malcolm and steer the national discussion to his text, I gotta do my part and give him a post. I doubt that just because he said Malcolm was his dude, that the inner city GOP registration is gonna skyrocket. But thanks for keeping us on our toes and having us clarify our position.

  3. Streetknowledge, I’m a little disappointed in you. This is clearly a case of Political Pandering by Steele. He never would’ve said that before a White audience!!! Please don’t fall for republican tricks. Especially from a dumb ass sell out like Steele!!!

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