Guantanamo: the Xbox game


via Telegraph UK

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg will take the starring role in a new computer game based on life at the prison camp.  Begg, from Birmingham, was captured by the CIA and thrown in jail at Guantanamo Bay in 2003.

The 41-year-old, who was released in 2005, will now feature as himself in the game for Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

In the game, players control a detainee at the camp, which has been sold by the US Government to a shadowy agency called Freedom Corp.

Before he is subjected to torture and scientific experiments, the character must shoot his way out of the detention camp to bring down his captors.

Moazzam, who has a financial stake in the game, said he has not yet received any money from the producers.

He said: “The software firm approached me with this idea about making a game based on my experience in Guantanamo.

“My first response was hesitation – I was worried that it might trivialise my experience.“I’m involved to make sure it is as true to life as possible.

“My wife gave birth to my son six months after I was arrested and I saw him for the first time when he was three years old.

“This game will not demean the reality of Guantanamo but will help to bring those issues to people who would not usually think about it.”

Begg said he went to Afghanistan in 2001 to help build schools and improve the water supply but had to flee to neighbouring Pakistan when coalition forces attacked the country.

It was there that the CIA, who said that he had been training with al-Qaeda, arrested him.

The Glasgow firm T-Enterprise is making the game called Rendition: Guantanamo.

Zarrar Chishti, the firm’s director, said: “We approached Moazzam because it’s very hard for us to know how to design the layout of the prison and he helped.

“It’s been in production for a year and two months. You start the game with the orange boiler suit, cuffs and earmuffs.

“We have had a lot of hate mail about this, mainly from America, saying things like ‘don’t dare put out a game that shows them killing our soldiers’.

“But no US or British soldiers get killed in it. The only ones being killed are mercenaries.”

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