Styles P Gets Booked, Writing “Jail Mystery”


via SOHH

The Lox‘s Styles P has announced plans to release his first fiction book called Mr. Invincible and a small tour this summer.

Keeping details to a minimum, the Ghost described what fans could expect from his release.

The book, which Styles describes as a “jail mystery,” is the D-Block rapper’s first foray into the literary world. “I got a fiction book called Mr. Invincible coming out Nicki Turner Presents,” Styles revealed to XXL. “It’s just a fiction joint. It’s a little story, I’m just trying to get in another lane and do something creative and you gonna get to see it in a minute.” When asked if he had any help putting the work together Styles replied, “They got a little editing team, but all the writing is me, all the idea is me, all the thought is me…We about to get on the road do a lil’ promo tour for that…Hit up Philly, VA, North Carolina, Connecticut, Boston and the Midwest and West too.” (

Styles previously spoke with SOHH about informing fans about issues outside of hip-hop via his Phantom Gangster Chronicles DVD last year.

“This is just the chance to just see real life sh*t in the industry instead of all this other sh*t you used to seeing on these DVDs and the same old footage and same old sh*t you hear,” he promised. “You gonna hear in-depth sh*t about how people make their money, how they spend their money, how they use some of their influences in life…We got a section about eating good. [There’s] a section about exercising. So what you’re expecting is some real, real footage. As far as the mixtape, you can expect some real street sh*t, you know, just going in.” (SOHH)

Lil Kim recently announced plans to ink her own tell-all book called The Price of Loyalty.

“It’s about the time when I stayed in prison, the things I learned and went through,” she explained. “You don’t think about things until it happens to you. The book is going to give people who have been in those situations a bright outlook on life…I haven’t gotten into the studio with the producers that I really want to be in the studio with…I just want to get the perfect song and maybe in a couple weeks, release something.” (OK Magazine)

With a new Lox album dropping later this year, Jadakiss previously spoke on the possibility of his crew re-uniting with Diddy.

“The game is f*cked up right now, it’s a jungle,” Kiss explained. “It’s the dog years right now. N*ggas is doing baseball numbers, especially without having a big radio single. The game is f*cked up right now, find you another hustle. Wash cars or something…[Diddy] want that new Lox album on Bad Boy. That’s merely a conversation though, we ain’t take it no where yet. [It could happen,] yeah, we gonna do what we do. We got nothing to do with what the labels doing, we gonna do us baby. So I think it would work.” (57th Ave)

No release date has yet been announced for Mr. Invincible as of today (June 1)

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