Mark Geragos appeals to Supreme Court to delay Chris Brown hearing

This guy Gergagos has been fishing for something within the LAPD about this case, and postponing a hearing where Rihanna is scheduled to tesify.  It’s probably a last ditch effort to salvage what is left of Brown’s career. Anyway MTV has the scoop on the story:

via MTV

Picture 158 After losing a bid last week to push back the start of client Chris Brown’s assault case, attorney Mark Geragos has asked the California Supreme Court to delay the trial against the singer until it can rule on his attempt to get access to records from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Reuters reports that Geragos’ appeal to the state Supreme Court requests a delay of the preliminary hearing in the case, which is currently slated for Monday (June 22). Geragos has been trying to get access to the LAPD’s investigation into the leak of a photo of Rihanna after the alleged incident.

The judge in the case denied the request for more time last month, saying it was too early to deal with those issues, and a state appeals court also denied the same request from Geragos last week.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the state Supreme Court has not yet taken action on the appeal, which was filed on Friday, and a court spokesperson said the justices could decide to hear the case, decline it or let Monday’s preliminary hearing proceed without commenting. The paper also reported that, expecting a crush of reporters covering the high-profile trial featuring two big contemporary music stars, the L.A. County Superior Court has not yet decided whether the proceedings will be televised.


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