[video] 50 Talks “WAR ANGEL”

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via Nahright

50 recorded War Angel in just three days, and in less than two weeks, he was ready to give it to the masses.

“This material, I felt it fits the summer,” he said. “The whole vibe. I used the War Angel title for it [because] I read a comic book through Marvel Comics. The guy who created it, he’s done ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ and illustrations I’m familiar with. He created this concept: War Angel. God created these angels to create war. It’s necessary on some level. I took the concept. It’s kinda from the perspective I grew up under.

“This one was exciting for me,” he added with a grin. “I have [writing] spurts. Like when I did [the original version of] The Massacre. I recorded the album in three days. It was like this [with War Angel]: two-verse songs. No third verse is on these records.”

As the SUV pulled up to Hot 97, he and his squadron arrived a little early, so he can play some of the music. The beat for “C.R.E.A.M. 2009″ bum-rushed out of the speakers in a rampage.

“It’s a cycle, creatively,” Fif said. “It was a lot of soft music, a lot of lighthearted music, then DMX came out. Then it was like, ‘That’s what I’m talking about.’ ‘Get at Me Dog,’ it was that material that had that energy around it, then it got all lighthearted and soft all over again. Then there was 50 Cent, and that went on for five years. It’s different points. When I give them hard, they feel like something’s getting ready to happen, like somebody is going to get hurt. When I start to show them some of the things I’m familiar with, based on my upbringing, they go, ‘Wow.’ Like ‘A Psychic Told Me,’ that type of vibe, they start going, ‘This is not good. Somebody is going to get hurt.’ Then I fall back off, because I know it’s too much for them. It’s too much from an entertainment perspective. … You gotta lighten up just to have an opportunity to make that real material.”

Rest of the article @ MTV. Shouts to Sha.

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