Facebook Bombshell Book Due to Cause a Stir

I have read a few articles about this subject and it seems this is the classic American success story. Claw,scratch,lie and steal your way to the top.

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via Gawker
Facebook’s creation myth has left the building, or so we hear: Fortune is said to be readying an excerpt of Ben Mezrich‘s tell-all book and movie about the social network. And another publication is, naturally, trying to ruin the scoop.

We hear the New York TimesBrad Stone has been calling around frantically, trying to get hold of a galley himself and spoil Fortune‘s exclusive. And he may well succeed; the writer outed the author of the anonymous Fake Steve Jobs blog last year with help from his sources in the publishing industry. Mezrich’s book is due out July 14.

The media scramble for galleys of Accidental Billionaires just goes to show Facebook remains something of an “it” company in Silicon Valley, even as it grows out of its startup phase and gropes for revenue.

It also proves that respected media outlets have no trouble taking seriously a project created by a busted, fabricating author and adapted for film by would-be crack smuggler, about a money-losing company.

Nor do we, obviously. We’d love to get our hands on said galleys, if only to fact-check them the way we did with Mezrich’s comical book proposal. If you can help, please get in touch.

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