Hip Hop Weekly Rushes Special Michael Jackson Tribute Edition to Print


Miami, FL 7/2/09 – Hip Hop Weekly is releasing a Michael Jackson Commemorative special publication with alternating covers: a Silver young Michael, and a Gold mature Michael. Collectors and fans will want to own both.

While Michael Jackson holds iconic status for all lovers of popular culture, Hip Hop Weekly is presenting Michael from the point of view of a culture and genre of artistic expression that flourishes today in part because of Jackson ‘s incredible achievements. Following its typical format, Hip Hop Weekly is covering Jackson ‘s life story, the news surrounding his death and life, his music, his style and his contributions to the culture.

Several people intimately involved with Michael Jackson’s career have given Hip Hop Weekly exclusive interviews:

* Super-producer Teddy Riley who worked with Michael on his huge Dangerous and Invincible albums

* Suzanne de Passe, the former Motown Records executive who discovered The Jackson 5 and nurtured Michael throughout the early years of his career, and went on to great success in the field of television, including producing the famous “Motown 25” TV special where Michael’s incredible moonwalking dance was first viewed by millions of fans

* Leonard Muhammad, the Nation of Islam Chief-of-Staff who managed Michael’s business affairs for 2 years during the time he was falsely accused of child molestation from 2003-2005

Also, Hip Hop Weekly presents a complete discography and reviews of all Michael’s albums, and a complete videography and synopsis of over 30 of his most important and influential music videos.

The Hip Hop Weekly Michael Jackson Collectors’ issue will be on newsstands July 10th.


One thought on “Hip Hop Weekly Rushes Special Michael Jackson Tribute Edition to Print

  1. Hey..i found HipHop weekly Michael Jackson issue awesome…being an ardent Mj fan..i am collecting all the special issues..found a place in new york called Magazine Cafe..they have all the new issues and I could even order online http://www.magazinecafestore.com. I hope it helps all his fans..we will miss you michael!

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