The Day The Earth Stands Still


The ending of an era is coming to its pinnacle and the beginning of a new age is embarking on the world as well.  The way the world knows, understands, appreciates and honors the legacy of this KING amongst men is about to undergo a drastic transformation.  A true STAR is preparing to take its place amongst the constellation of late great LEGENDS of this era. Music icons like Ray Charles, James Brown, Sam Cook, Bobby Womack, Gerald Levert, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls and more will be the first in line in the Halls of the Pearly Gates waiting to welcome the KING of POP amongst the ranks of the GREATS who art in Heaven. Like Jigga the God MC famously said, numbers don’t lie and Micheal’s magic lie in his numbers.

Him being the 7th son who made his transition on 6/25, which amounts to 7 once you add the 2 and the 5. Do the knowledge “God” and you k the rest. The GOD is being laid to rest on the day of his completion, 7/7…7 days after being memorialized in Harlem by way of the Apollo.

Interestingly enough Michael’s astrological sign, the Virgo, which also is representative of “Seven” is represented by the woman who is referred to as the “Moon.” And suprisingly 7/7 is also a Full Moon in Capricorn, and the day plays host to a “Lunar Eclipse” the very same day.  World renown astrologist Jan Spiller interpets it to mean:

“Given that this Full Moon is in the sign of CAPRICORN and combines with a LUNAR ECLIPSE, the emotional energy is likely to be even more stirred up than under the normal monthly Full Moon. You will be more aware than usual of your own needs for control of your destiny.”

Michael poured all his love and energy into a cause dear to his heart. He vehemently protested the abuses being done to the Planet by her inhabitants.  His video for PLANET SONG is one of the most compelling clips I’ve ever seen thus far. Let us all take a look at the man in the mirror before we cast judgment on how someone else is shuffling their cards. The way to honor the legacy of this musical genius is by continuing his work, which is never done. Children are still suffering, forests are still dying and animals are on the brink of extension under the weight of the world, so let us all play our individual parts to bring about “Change” in the name of the LEGEND.


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