Time Magazine writer equates King of Pop furneral procession to OJ Simpson Chase

James Poniewozik, TIME Magazine writer criticizes Michael Jackson Memorial calling Jacksons casket gaudy.

James Poniewozik, TIME Magazine writer criticizes Michael Jackson Memorial calling Jackson's casket gaudy.

While checking out the CNN website I could not help but to notice their partner, Time Magazine’s, “A strange, gaudy and moving farewell” headline.  James Poniewozik, who certaintly will never experience the universal love that Michael Jackson received from his fans, disgustingly found it appropriate to make sly remarks about the King of Pop Memorial Service.

“(Gordy also called Jackson “The greatest entertainer that ever lived.” Was there hyperbole? Sure. It was a memorial.),” Poniewozik writes questioning the unmatched talent and popularity of Michael Jackson.  Michael Jackson received the Memorial of a King because he was a King, not only in the realms of music but as a humanitarian.

To James Poniewozik, it is easier to see the world from a critical view but I challenge you to take a look in your mirror and make a change within yourself and the world around you.  Disrespect and sly remarks do not go unnoticed and while you focus on being negative the world Michael Jackson celebrates around you, Bill O’Rielly and Pete King.  Who will celebrate you when you are gone?

If you feel Poniewozik was disrespectful send a letter to: letters@time.com

It is hypocritical for TIME to make money off of celebrating MJ on their cover and allow these undercutting sly remarks in the same moment.

Sound Off!!

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