Shootout Erupts at ‘Wire’ Actor’s Shower


via PopEater

A deadly shootout broke out on the Brooklyn street outside of where ‘The Wire’ actor Jamie Hector — who played drug kingpin Marlo Stanfield — and his wife were celebrating their baby shower, leaving one teenager dead and two men hurt.

The New York Daily News reports that nearly 50 bullets were fired outside of the baby shower for Hector’s wife. The gunfight then continued outside of a hospital, where shooters tried to finish one of their victims.

“What a gun battle … They have been watching too much TV,” a New York Police Department officer told the Daily News.

Andrew Filson, 32, was shot and helped into a car by a passerby. When they arrived at the hospital, another car pulled up and began firing, hitting Filson one more time.

No arrests were made following the shootout, but two guns were recovered.

Hector, a Brooklyn native, has seen his career spike lately, thanks to his role as merciless drug dealer Marlo in ‘The Wire.’ He’s also appeared on ‘Heroes’ and ‘Jericho.’

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