12 thoughts on “Picture 17

  1. This was Randy’s wife & that makes Jermaine wrong as 2 left shoes and any woman with any slither of self respect, morals, dignity would not have even entertained the thought of sleeping with her brother in-law a man is going to be a man if you giving it they gonna take it! This woman is a gold digging WHORE!!!!! I feel sorry for those kids they must be confused & if their not & think there is nothing wrong with it then they are even more worse off

  2. this is sick having children by same women i fought jermaine more so than randy due to fact randy was with her first i wonder what your sister think jermaine i lost all respect for you that low down and the mother is a ho.

  3. I understand what those family must have been through, the same thing happened in my family and this shit tears family apart.

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