7 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Has A Secret Son, Omer Bhatti?

  1. Omer has Michaels’ eyes for sure.
    Why was he on the front row at Michaels’ funeral? As to be some relation.

  2. I don’t think this is his son cause I believe if Michael knew he had a son he would of been put in the will unless the mother and Micheal put something tpgether when he found out. Why doesn’t he ask his mother she has to know if Michael the father. And again for Joe Michaels father to say yes I knew he had a son then why wasn’t anything said a long time ago.

  3. If this is proved to be true which I think it won’t, this throws to will into turmoil.If this is his son what will the courts do in terms of he being given a portion of the estate. More madness to come people..

  4. i guess anything is possible… i hope they do the test for him. i also don’t think we all have to know the results.

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