Darlene Haynes Killed: Pregnant Woman Found Dead, Fetus Taken From Womb, May Still Be Alive

Yesterday a woman beheads her newborn, today somebody cuts a baby out of a young woman’s stomach? And we have the nerve to tell what other people need to fix in their country.

Picture 59WORCESTER, Mass. — A pregnant woman was found dead in her apartment with her fetus cut from her womb, and police on Wednesday were trying to find the missing baby, which they said could have survived.

Darlene Haynes was about eight months pregnant and the child would have needed immediate medical attention to survive, authorities said.

Haynes’ body was found Monday by her landlord, William Thompson, who said a “horrifying smell” led him to her, where he found her body wrapped in bedding in a closet.

Police said the 23-year-old victim had apparently been dead for several days, and that she hadn’t contacted family or friends since Thursday. It was not until an autopsy on Tuesday that authorities discovered the fetus was missing.

“It’s horrific,” Thompson said Wednesday. “There’s no words to describe what’s going on in this building today.


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