JK Wedding Video Saves Chris Brown’s Career?

Picture 48As I said when I first posted this story, this is the greatest story surrounding Chris Brown this whole year, but saving his career maybe a stretch. In all the interviews he is never mentioned and he will not be contacted by any of these programs to do talk about the newly minted wedding song. If discussing Rihanna is off the table then no dice.

via Billboard

When newlyweds Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz asked their wedding party to turn their wedding into a party the result was the latest YouTube hit “JK Wedding Entrance,” which featured the entire cast dancing down the aisle to Chris Brown’s “Forever.” Just five days after it was posted, the video was the most-cited clip according to Nielsen’s BlogPulse, and has recently passed the 10 million views mark after the “Today” show flew the crew to New York to recreate the entire event outside Rockefeller Center.

While it’s great news and great fun for the happy couple, the video also seems to have had a halo effect for troubled singer Chris Brown, whose February assault on then girlfriend Rihanna cloaked the singer in months of negative buzz. ( Brown plead guilty and received five years probation and must serve 180 hours of community labor.) The wedding video now has a direct link to buy “Forever,” which, despite being released last year, is now in the iTunes top 10. Brown’s own attempt at a viral video, a recently released apology video for the Rihanna “incident” which he calls “inexcusable,” has been viewed more than 2 million times. As BlogPulse shows, July buzz about Brown and “Forever” reach almost as high as blog discussion that occurred around the time of the assault.

3 thoughts on “JK Wedding Video Saves Chris Brown’s Career?

  1. Thanks for the coment and yes I think it will take a few years of good behavior and even greater music for this thing with Rihana is forgiven and put behind him.

  2. You’re right, saving his career is a stretch! His rep is forever ruined in my opinion. He’s just lucky that he sings good songs. That’s all he has left.

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