Update: Obama ‘Joker Socialism’ Poster, Bush was ‘Joker’ in ’08

Picture 15

via Celebrity Smack Blog

A poster depicting President Barack Obama as the Joker has been popping up in random spots in Los Angeles. The words below…”Socialism”.

The poster is causing many people to be offended while I am sure his opponents are thrilled. The poster is believed to be a campaign started by a group who oppose his universal health care proposals.

Picture 18Here is George Bush as the Joker in 2008..

via Vanity Fair

Drew Friedman, the author of The Fun Never Stops, Old Jewish Comedians, and More Old Jewish Comedians, sent us the following visual comment. It is entitled “No Joke.”

4 thoughts on “Update: Obama ‘Joker Socialism’ Poster, Bush was ‘Joker’ in ’08

  1. The arrogance and duplicity of this administration is astounding!
    When the Bush Joker poster and many other posters and cartoons appeared, you didn’t hear any protests, now the shoe is on the other foot and somehow it’s blasphemous!
    It is no longer Republicans against Democrats, it’s Americans against Socialists/Communists.

  2. I don’t even recall hearing anything about the Bush poster! If I’m understanding the new rules correctly it’s alright to poke fun at Bush but not Obama!

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