Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys-Amazing Amy


via ShowGirlz Exclusive

This Virginia native has taken the model world
by storm. Unlike the typical beautiful face she turns down 98 percent
of the music videos she is contacted for searching for a classier platform to
display her beauty on other than the stereotypical booty shakin by the
expensive car.

If your speaking about killer curves on a white girl only a few
names come up…Without any further delay allow me to reintroduce this
German bombshell. Touted the future of said names meet Ms. Amie…36 27
42 says it all. All Natural No Enhancements….”Most people believe
theres no way I look like my pictures then when I show up they say I
look better in person because I have a presence”..
White black or brown all races will agree without discrimination
curves are definitely in and beauty never left.

Currently Im in the process of earning my degree I pride myself in being much more than a beautiful face. My website http://www.msamie.com will be launching very soon but for now you can follow my growth by checking my myspace page http://www.myspace.com/amieinva

Photos by Nick Saglimbeni, http://www.slickforce.com
Styling by: Megan Halpin for Skinnyknickers.com Key Hair Stylist: Tony Jones
Key Makeup Artist: Gaby Ramos
Booking info: Patrick Adams; 2starzstudio@gmail.com, myspace.com/amieinva
Production Facilities Provided by Slickforce Studio




4 thoughts on “Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys-Amazing Amy

  1. Now your under me stop the hate, just because she’s shitin on any girl whatever her race is you ever had. Like I said kill yourself.

  2. For the hater at the top you need to kill yourself like right now. I’ve known Amy for years like from the high school days She’s always had that wam bam thank you mam.

  3. Why do white women have to get surgery to try and have a body like black women? Do they have to try and beat them at everything?

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