Kanye West’s Freestyle Rant Against The Press: “I Meant To Break Your Camera”

Had to get this up because we all love Kanye’s rants dont we?

via HuffPost ,WWD

KANYE WEST VERSUS THE WORLD: Recent interactions with Kanye West have found him skittish around the media, and his attitude at Wednesday night’s Casio G-Shock party at Cipriani on Wall St. was no exception. The rapper avoided all press, staying true to his statement at last week’s dinner celebrating Hussein Chalayan, when he said, “I don’t do interviews anymore. With anyone. For the rest of my life.”

When introduced to a reporter, West visibly withdrew and ignored all questions, instead opted to tout the achievements of his current squeeze, Amber Rose. “She just did her first shoot for Ford,” he exclaimed proudly, gesturing toward a beaming Rose, who was dressed in a leather corset and leggings not dissimilar to the black bondage-style stage costume sported by West.

The rapper didn’t offer any further comments. When he later took to the stage, 90 minutes behind schedule, West interrupted his set with a spontaneous, free-style rant against the press, with such lines as “I’m sorry I broke your arm/I meant to break your camera” and “I could kill a man/I am a man/Don’t forget I could kill a man” regarding his fury at the invasive nature of today’s media. As he stirred the audience into a frenzy, the bevy of invited reporters and photographers at the event (marketed by Casio as a press conference accompanied by a concert), were left to fidget uncomfortably with their press passes.

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