MUST WATCH: The Nine Lives of Marion Barry

Source: Transracial

No politician has come back from scandal more than Marion Barry. This film delves into fall from grace and his ‘back from the dead’ life in politics.

via Transracial

Showing TONIGHT on HBO, the film explores both sides of Barry’s lore — from his infamous “bitch set me up” period as a nation-wide poster boy for drug abuse and political corruption, to DC’s poverty-stricken Black neighborhoods where many still consider Barry a folk hero.

Along the way, we learn about his Mississippi youth, four marriages, jail sentences, myriad addictions and the intersections of race and politics over a 40 year period.

Regardless of your personal opinion of the man — which might understandably be dim — it’s potent, fascinating stuff.

2 thoughts on “MUST WATCH: The Nine Lives of Marion Barry

  1. Barry was many things. When you add up the good and the bad he comes out a winner. Unlike many politicians who cheat steal and “misappropriate” funds, his damage was mainly to himself…a drug addiction which racist america exploited and the expense of its’ citizenry ($25 million dollars). I will remember the good.

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