Cormega’s Born & Raised Album Cover

Source: IceDotCom
Picture 9

For his fourth solo opus Born & Raised, Cormega went with a collage designed by friend/graphic designer/snowboarder/documentarian Brian “Decka” Paupaw to represent the different stages in his life and pictures of the Queensboro Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and the NY Yankees logo to represent QB, Brooklyn & the BX (places he has called home) along with a silhouette of a smoking glock reminiscent of a burning World Trade Center. Mega Montana’s drops Born & Raised officially on October 20th. Order your Born & Raised t-shirts here. One. – ICE

3 thoughts on “Cormega’s Born & Raised Album Cover

  1. Dominant u a fool. Nas didnt ether shit. He got ethered by Mega who exposed him for a bitch. Nas throws a few lame insults on “destroy and rebuild” and cats saying he ethered Mega, Do ur reaseach. I bet u also think LLCOLJ ethered canibus too. lmao

  2. Lame, Lame, Lame. Didn’t Nas ether this cornball before he ethered Jay. Please post some real music like A-Alikes, A-Duece, Hasan Salaam or anybody real. You must be a friend to Corn Mega. Boo. I am very disappointed in you street knowledge.

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