Megan Fox snatches Catwoman role in Batman 3?

Fanboys mouths are watering at this possibility of Megan in Batman 3. Here is the unofficial report:

Picture 7

via The Sun

MEGAN FOX has signed up to play Catwoman in the next Batman movie.

And I have a strong feline she is the purrfect choice for the part – and thanks to a spot of computer wizardry here’s how she might look.

Megan will need to get into practice with her talcum powder application.

Slipping into the famous PVC catsuit always looked like a tricky business to me.

And I would like to be the first person to offer my services as a wardrobe assistant, should she need one.

The Transformers stunner follows in the pawprints of MICHELLE PFEIFFER and HALLE BERRY.

But Megan, who has a slightly darker edge than her two predecessors, will be brilliant as Selina Kyle.

All the other stars who have reinvented the Batman films are back on board – CHRISTIAN BALE, MICHAEL CAINE and director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN.

Shooting starts next year but the film is not expected to be released until 2011.

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