2 thoughts on “[video] BRAZILIAN DRIVER HITS A HORSE

  1. This is cooooool!!! You hit an innocent horse who was just having a gala time strolling in open and you your self get hit. The hit was too fast and I was taken a back. I thought oh God!! They both must be really badly hurt. Kin the beginning I thought only the horse is hurt.
    But one thing ?? who brought the horse here? And was this fireman doing here, did the horse belong to him??

  2. Now this is called real rash driving. What a stupid man. It was horse and an ant that he could not see while he was moving ahead. And on the other hand he was being warned. Yes this also shows that may be his attention was less on the road and more on something else. What?? May be he was talking on the cell. But he was equally hurt as the horse. I hope he is fine.

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