Obama Nation: People Who Have Tatooed ‘President Obama’ On Their Bodies

Great work finding all of these pics. Of course the white guy with the Obama tat has to be Glenn Beck.

via Veto Corleone

Obama is great and wonderful. He brings rainbows and unicorns and puppy dogs and cotton candy. As the first African-American president, he is certainly a symbol of a high point in American history, but is any politician worth getting a tattoo? What if Obama suddenly grows out a Van Dyke goatee and turns into evil doppelganger Obama? What if he starts doing things like pushing old women down stairs and running over kittens in a monster truck on the White House lawn? What will be of your Obama tattoo at that point?

Regardless, there are apparently plenty of people who think that putting Obama’s face on their skin for life is a good idea. We guess that’s cool, but why was there never a scramble for Gerald Ford tattoos? Gerald Ford was hip. Or not. Okay, enough rambling… here are 15 Awful Obama Tattoos, which shouldn’t be confused for 15 Tattoos That Will Keep You From Getting Laid or 10 Ill-Advised Video Game Tattoos

15. Obama’s looking… a little lumpy. Is that what you want? A lumpy president?

14. Great spot to put a tattoo of the 44th President. Every time you lower your arm, Obama gets a face full of Speed Stick.

13. This is the secret Obama Cult Tattoo. When you join the super secret Obama Cult, they tattoo the inside of your lower lip and instead of a secret handshake. You pull down your lower lip and recite Obama’s 2004 DNC Convention keynote speech word for word. It’s true, look it up.

12. “Ha ha, my hippie dad is sooooo weird because he got the Obama campaign logo tattooed on his arm! Isn’t that craaaazy?”

11. This hand gesture is called “The Obama Shocker”

10. “Hey, is that a new tattoo? Does it hurt when I touch it? What about now?”

9. This is what happens when you pay the crappy caricature artist at the mall “a little extra” to design a tattoo for you. A lifetime of wearing a flat-headed Obama on your body.

8. And this is what happens when you pay the kid who works at the airbrushed T-shirts kiosk to design a tattoo for you.

Obama Tattoo

7. We HOPE that this person suddenly doesn’t turn fundy Republican when she gets to middle age. Awkward.


6. Um… is that it? That’s the whole tattoo? There’s more to it, right? Obama nipples maybe?


5. Okay, so this one is actually really well done… if it’s a tattoo of David Alan Grier.


4. Looks like someone still has plenty of space on their arm a Nancy Pelosi tattoo.


3. Obama! Watch out! Kanye West is right behind you!


2. Whoa! Get some sun once and a while, pasty. Or at least add some color to that Obama tattoo so that it matches that Bob Ross and/or young Michael Jackson tattoo you’ve got on your other calf.


1. Somehow this tattoo of the famous Shepard Fairey illustration looks more like sad Obama fresh off his tour with KISS.


BREAKING NEWS: Local man pays wa

4 thoughts on “Obama Nation: People Who Have Tatooed ‘President Obama’ On Their Bodies

  1. Tattoos are more acceptable these days and if you have one your not looked upon as a criminal or biker. That’s why I think loads of people are getting them now including celebrities. But a tattoo of obama Hmmmm not sure about that haha

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