Undercover Cops Outed at G20 Protest March

These guys stuck out more than a Rabbi at a Nazi rally.

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Saturday September 26 2009: Three undercover officers attempt to infiltrate a March Against Police Brutality at the University of Pittsburgh, but fail miserably due to their horrendous disguise attempts. During the march, one of them breaks a photographer’s camera. This is just one example of a larger pattern of attempts to silence the media during the G20 protests.

[video] Screech snitches on Save By The Bell Cast

Come on everybody was a Saved By The Bell fan? Well at least some of you were and Dustin Diamond is banking that you wanna hear all the dirty little secrets that happened on set a million years ago. The rest of the cast has ostracized the one time porn star and are wishing him dead as week speak.

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Ouch! Amber Rose gets Diamond Studded Lip Ring (pics)

Picture 23Source: HuffPost

You gotta love Amber Rose. The always seen and seldom heard model and arm candy of Kanye West knows how to make the press without so much as uttering a word. Here she goes with her new diamond studded lip ring that only she can pull off. Hopefully she did not put a hole in her lip. Anyway why hate the girl she has got it! Hit the break for a full shot of the sexiest chick in the Hip Hop world.

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4th Teen Charged in Chicago Beating Death

Posting this story pains me so much but what am I to do? Ignore it? These young men have now lost their lives in addition to Derrion Albert.We have a nation of kids who are not going to make it if we don’t take a valiant stand at this point.
Picture 32

via Newser

(AP Summary) – A fourth teenager has been charged with first-degree murder in the beating death of a Chicago student who was walking home from school. Prosecutors announced charges tonight against 18-year-old Eugene Bailey, whose aunt has said her nephew didn’t have anything to do with the beating that killed 16-year Derrion Albert on Thursday.

Prosecutors say the violence stemmed from a shooting early that morning involving two groups of students from different neighborhoods who then fought after school. They say Albert was a bystander and not part of either group. Three other teens were charged earlier Monday.
Source: Associated Press

Saigon & Joe Budden prep new albums

The homie Paul just shot over these promo spots for the new albums from Saigon and Joe Budden (who ironically were beefing with each a couple months back). Good to see the focus is back on the music plus these guys are actually great storytellers and deserve some support from the Hip Hop community. If you want to see Saigon get on MTV go vote here. Check out another promo for ESG after the break.

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US Coast Guard & British Navy Find 5 1/2 Tons of Cocaine in Fishing Boat

Okay all you drug addicts, your blow will be a tad bit late today.
Picture 27Picture 28

via BBC News

The Royal Navy says it has seized its biggest haul of cocaine, estimating its street value at £240m ($380m).

The Portsmouth-based frigate HMS Iron Duke seized more than five-and-a-half tonnes of the drug from a 138ft fishing boat off the coast of Colombia.

The Royal Navy and US Coastguard jointly intercepted the boat after it was spotted by a navy helicopter crew.

Armed Forces Minister Bill Rammell praised the operation for “damaging the trade in this vile substance”.

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Exclusive: Chicago Bulls Custom New Era 59/50 Fitted Hat


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More Unbelievable Chicago Violence : Derrion Albert killed by teenage mob(Graphic video included)

This is truly out of hand. Where are the community leaders? Where are the men in these neighborhoods?

I am getting tired of posting videos like these about the violence in Chicago and elsewhere where kids all too often are the victims.

The family wants this video to be seen by the public, that is why I am posting it out of respect for their wishes. Our community is in deep trouble, if we don’t stop talking about (Tiny and Toya & Real Chance of Love) and address the real issues that face us.

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Picture 22

via Chicago Tribune

Four people were being questioned in connection with the beating death of 16-year-old Derrion Albert during a melee Thursday outside a Far South Side community center, as an amateur video helped police identified several people who were on-scene at the time.

Meanwhile, a planned vigil for Derrion outside his school, Fenger High School, has been postponed to Monday at 1 p.m., Albert’s grandfather Joseph Walker said this morning.
Family members had planned to hold a vigil and march this afternoon but opted to reschedule at the request of the Chicago Public Schools, Walker said.

Police are still investigating the incident, interviewing witnesses, including those identified through an amateur video taken by a person at the Agape Community Center, 342 W. 111th St., that was provided to Fox affiliate WFLD-Ch. 32. The station turned the video over to detectives Friday night, police said today.

Chicago Police spokesman Roderick Drew said investigators have identified several people from the tape. Three people who were at least 17 and one juvenile were being questioned Sunday evening in the attack, a law enforcement source said.

In a press conference at Police Headquarters regarding security at Fenger, 11220 S. Wallace St., Calumet Area Detective Division Commander Eddie Welch said the video has helped in the investigation.

he video contains scenes of graphic violence.)

When asked if police are encouraging people to watch the video to see if they can identify someone on the video, Drew said that “We would rather have people who were involved in it, innocent or not, to call police.”

The video shows dozens of people punching, kicking and swinging planks in a melee in a lot next to the community center and the adjacent street. At one point, four or five males — including one wielding a two-by-four — can be seen beating and stomping another person, believed to be Albert, who had fallen to the ground.

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10 Credit Score Don’ts

We all probably need information on keeping our credit score in good standing. Here is some important information regarding credit do’s and don’ts.

Picture 21

Steer clear of these 10 things experts say can mangle your score. via FreeCreditReport

  1. Don´t avoid using credit. If you don´t use credit, you won´t have much of a credit score. “A credit score is an important tool companies use to protect themselves,” Sweet says. The lower the score, the higher the risk, and this can affect whether or not a loan is approved
  2. Don´t miss payments. Paying a bill late will hurt your credit, but missing a payment will damage it even more. “If you do so, you can´t make it up,” Sweet says. In other words, making two payments in the next billing cycle will not remove the blemish from your credit report. Whether or not you pay your bills on time determines 33% of your score. Continue reading

More Fox News Race Baiting- Parents Pre-Approved Kids Singing Barack Obama Song

Much to do about nothing. Once again Fox made a big deal about the “Barack Hussein Obama” song when none of the actual parents of these kids did. Are they that desperate that they have to manufacture controversy on a daily basis to get rating?

The people who are watch Fox are obviously brain dead racists who will never question their shady tactics. Trust me this is not an endorsement of any of the other networks, but Fox just seems to be out for the blood of President Obama and are willing to do absolutely anything to get it.

[video] Omarosa speaks on Fame, Life After The Apprentice

The homie Brent (Iced Media) shot this over yesterday. TV One has an exclusive with reality show queen Omarosa who speaks on Life after The Apprentice and the effect of fame on her career.

Omarosa answers the question: “Would you give up fame for a normal life?” See more of her life on “Life After” Sun. Sept. 27 @ 10pm (ET) on TV One. Omarosa will be tweeting LIVE during the episode. Follow #tvonetv now!

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Exclusive: Seattle Mariners Custom New Era 59/50 Fitted Hat

Picture 13

Rock-N-Jocks just dropped this Seattle Mariners Custom New Era 59/50 Fitted Hat for all the people out there that want to match their Griffey kicks with their fitted hat. This hat was designed to be a perfect match for the Nike Air Griffey Max 1 that will be released Fall/Winter 2009. This hat is all black with the top of the bill in black and the bottom of the bill in red. The embroidered “S” logo is in white and red with the star logo in the middle in silver and red. The back of the hat has the embroidered m.l.b. logo in red and black. It is limited to only 30 total pieces. Go get this and many more new releases only at www.rocknjocks.com

Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys- Nikki Minaj (Honey Mag Shoot)

How could we not feature the young starlet and first lady of Lil Wayne’s empire Nikki Minaj. With her rapping skills still up for debate, there is no denying her sex appeal and ability to turn men to mush. I have briefly met Ms. Minaj and she definitely has a way with words and demands to be the center of attention where ever she goes. Which is not a bad thing to the average American male.

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Don’t Drop The Soap : Plaxico gets an earful from Rikers Island inmates

What did you think they were gonna do? Welcome him with open arms?

He deserves no special treatment for trying to be a wannabe thug in a club with a gun. Next time hire security and concentrate on being a superstar wide receiver.

Picture 11

Plaxico Burress got a zero’s welcome behind bars at Rikers Island, including taunts of “a – – hole!” and “The Giants suck!” according to jail guards.

“He was depressed,” said one guard from Rikers, where the former Giants superstar spent his first-ever night behind bars. “He was trying to keep to himself, but everyone was yelling at him.”

“These people got nothing,” a second guard explained of the taunts. “What else are they gonna do?”

Burress began serving a two-year sentence yesterday for accidentally shooting himself in the thigh with his own Glock while drinking in the crowded VIP vestibule of the Latin Quarter nightclub in Midtown last November.


[pics] Anarchists clash w/ Police at G20 Summit

There are some people who are not blogging punks and when they have a problem with authority they take it to the streets. Now thats gangsta!
Picture 10

via Newser

Protests in Pittsburgh are getting into full swing as Barack Obama and other world leaders arrive for the G-20 summit. Police fired tear gas to break up an unauthorized march of about 500 anarchists heading toward downtown, reports the Post-Gazette. Its live blog of the march says some protesters threw rocks at police, and at least one person was arrested. The G-20 summit gets under way tonight and wraps up tomorrow.

John Johnson

Sources: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette