WTF:Fox News has filmmaker dress like a ‘pimp’ during ACORN corruption story

Source: Breitbart

I am not too into this Acorn story but Fox News definitely is, and this supposed filmmaker donned an old school ‘pimp’ costume to talk about his alleged discovery of corruption within the organization. SMH.

5 thoughts on “WTF:Fox News has filmmaker dress like a ‘pimp’ during ACORN corruption story

  1. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but, I do disagree with you.
    I think Fox does care, imo, they’re the only ones that do.

  2. His outfit makes it a total joke. If he is out to expose them and has the goods then that should be the focus.

    He basically was making a mockery of it instead of addressing the fact that women are forced and abused by pimps.

    I understand your points and applaud you for speaking up but these guys at Fox could give a rat’s ass about some poor hooker on the street getting abused by some washed up pimp. Thanks for the comment again!

  3. regardless of whether you think they are journalists or sensationalists, the fact remains that they exposed how acorn operates.
    Just what does his “getup” have to do with anything?
    You think that Fox had this guy wear this outfit, what makes you think that, instead of maybe the guy wore it because that’s what he wore when he did the story.

  4. Well Sammie, his get up had to be approved before broadcast. So they did have control over whether or not he would go to air with that get up on.
    They are not journalists they are sensationalists and who can take them seriously?

    They fans the flames of racism and hatred and are not helping anyone in this country and hope for destruction in this country.

  5. Fox News did not have the film maker do anything, he and his journalist friend did it on their own and then went to fox to submit the tapes.
    The girl said she used her entire savings acct to do the story, had Fox had anything to do with it, she wouldn’t have had to use her own money.
    Nice to know that acorn will help bring underage girls into the country for the purpose of prostitution.
    Doesn’t matter that it was a setup, the acorn employees didn’t know that.
    The MSM are barely mentioning the story, so it looks like they did the right thing.

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