Here we go again : Foxy Brown Sex Tape Released to the Web

Depending on how many hits this get, I can tell if you guys are still interested in this type of stuff along with the daily stuff we post on this blog.

Well here we have rapper Foxy Brown (who has not had a hit in ages) in a clip of a sex tape supposedly let loose by Maino. Full version is sure to be released in 5,4,3,. Hit the jump to see her in all her glory!

Picture 9

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Picture 10

9 thoughts on “Here we go again : Foxy Brown Sex Tape Released to the Web

  1. this shit is so photoshopped or some bullshit and why would maino release this is that his little ass dick. don’t fox got tatoos on both arms and i dont see no tat. this bullshit don’t even move real. and you got to be a good shot to get directly in her face and that little ass dick and she look directly at camera and doesn’t know it then let you keep evidence. i will believe this fake shit when it’s not editted.

  2. c’mon son! LOL. Does brooklyn REALLY want to stand up for this one. Loop de loop. Where is the full tape? LMFAO. GNR (gotta nigga rolling) Please foxy stand down and let the real femcees in the building.

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