Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys- Nikki Minaj (Honey Mag Shoot)

How could we not feature the young starlet and first lady of Lil Wayne’s empire Nikki Minaj. With her rapping skills still up for debate, there is no denying her sex appeal and ability to turn men to mush. I have briefly met Ms. Minaj and she definitely has a way with words and demands to be the center of attention where ever she goes. Which is not a bad thing to the average American male.

7 thoughts on “Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys- Nikki Minaj (Honey Mag Shoot)

  1. stop hating on her okay and jacki o her trina shawnna eve are the best female rappers out here

  2. i love yo songs style and music and you have really inspired me and i love yo chinese wraps

  3. Yeah I agree. She has no skills on the mic whatsoever. But she is a bad muthafucka no doubt. Her facial expression when she raps is weird & sometimes it sounds like she ain’t even speaking english.

  4. She has no talent but her sex appeal will get her where she “thinks” she needs to be. Boo on the old paradigm of foxy brown( rapper and actress)lil kim, trina and others who try to copy cat. We need bitches with skills not ghostwriters. Google femces if you want the real. Ass and titties are no longer a pre-req for lyrics.

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