More Unbelievable Chicago Violence : Derrion Albert killed by teenage mob(Graphic video included)

This is truly out of hand. Where are the community leaders? Where are the men in these neighborhoods?

I am getting tired of posting videos like these about the violence in Chicago and elsewhere where kids all too often are the victims.

The family wants this video to be seen by the public, that is why I am posting it out of respect for their wishes. Our community is in deep trouble, if we don’t stop talking about (Tiny and Toya & Real Chance of Love) and address the real issues that face us.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Picture 22

via Chicago Tribune

Four people were being questioned in connection with the beating death of 16-year-old Derrion Albert during a melee Thursday outside a Far South Side community center, as an amateur video helped police identified several people who were on-scene at the time.

Meanwhile, a planned vigil for Derrion outside his school, Fenger High School, has been postponed to Monday at 1 p.m., Albert’s grandfather Joseph Walker said this morning.
Family members had planned to hold a vigil and march this afternoon but opted to reschedule at the request of the Chicago Public Schools, Walker said.

Police are still investigating the incident, interviewing witnesses, including those identified through an amateur video taken by a person at the Agape Community Center, 342 W. 111th St., that was provided to Fox affiliate WFLD-Ch. 32. The station turned the video over to detectives Friday night, police said today.

Chicago Police spokesman Roderick Drew said investigators have identified several people from the tape. Three people who were at least 17 and one juvenile were being questioned Sunday evening in the attack, a law enforcement source said.

In a press conference at Police Headquarters regarding security at Fenger, 11220 S. Wallace St., Calumet Area Detective Division Commander Eddie Welch said the video has helped in the investigation.

he video contains scenes of graphic violence.)

When asked if police are encouraging people to watch the video to see if they can identify someone on the video, Drew said that “We would rather have people who were involved in it, innocent or not, to call police.”

The video shows dozens of people punching, kicking and swinging planks in a melee in a lot next to the community center and the adjacent street. At one point, four or five males — including one wielding a two-by-four — can be seen beating and stomping another person, believed to be Albert, who had fallen to the ground.

As the attackers flee, the person with the camera and several others approached Albert and carried him into a nearby building.

“Derrion, get up!” a female voice pleads.

Officials and witnesses say the melee was a culmination of a simmering rivalry between two groups of Fenger students, one that lived near the school and the other from the Altgeld Gardens housing development. Neighbors said the feud has been building since August, spilling across Roseland streets and, some say, into Fenger.

Albert’s family was squeamish about watching the video and not all of them were able to watch the whole thing. But they said they don’t have a problem with the public watching the graphic video as long as it helps identify who beat Derrion to death.

“It hurt to watch,” said LaTonia Williams, the teen’s aunt. “It’s one thing to hear about it and come up with your own theory of what happened. To see it is another thing. It gave us a real clear picture of what happened. That video was crucial.”

Police said they are increasing their presence at and around Fenger, but refused to be more specific.

The beefed-up security will remain until the public perception that the school is dangerous decreases, said Morgan Park District Commander Michael Kuemmeth.

Police likely will keep the results of their investigation close. Drew said he next expects to update the press and the public when charges are brought–rather than when police have someone in custody.

20 thoughts on “More Unbelievable Chicago Violence : Derrion Albert killed by teenage mob(Graphic video included)

  1. you have the parents and familys to blame. seems like the only option left is to get out or become natrual selection. and stop blaming the man cause. he made a plan for ghetto people to kill each other and making it happen. while still complaining

  2. People who join gangs and are violent need to stop it and understand there time will come when they will either be dead or go to prison. People need to stand up and stay away from these violent criminals. People must also turn their friends and family members in for violence if they want their communities to get better.

  3. You ask why crime cotinues to happen in the hood, and nobody wants to say anything. Well….these criminals are our family members, brothers, sisters, uncles, even parents in some instances. you are taught from a young age never to give up your family NO MATTER WHAT. So in turn we keep ourselves living in fear.
    there is nobody from the outside coming into our community trying to kill us, We are killing ourselvess from the inside out.

  4. this pisses me off why would anyone do that to a kid i hope everytime they close their eyes they see him RIp derrion

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  6. Had it not been for the person who recorded the entire episode, the police might have had problems identifying the assailants. Now that one person has brought the incident to light, it is for others to come forward and help the police and get the culprits punished. We just cannot sit back and expect the police to work without our support and if we keep silent at this moment, who knows we might be the next targets.

  7. really worried after watching this video. if this is gonna be the state of of our future generations where are we heading man. but as you say its psychological to be a viewer, i think it must be changed now. Because this time it is him, god forbid but could my child the next time. if we want to give the coming generation a peaceful world we must think that every child is mine to care of.

  8. really worried after watching this video. if this is gonna be the state of of our future generations where are we heading man. but as you say its psychological to be a viewer, i think it must be changed now. Because this time it is him, god forbid but could my child the next time. if we want to give the coming generation a peaceful world we must think that every child is mine to care of.

  9. hey im really sorry bout what had happen to your son im a freshman in high school and im trying to syop teenage violence in america. I hope you find the people who did it

  10. @pissed off – it’s easy to say that “someone should have helped” but there is a psychological (socialogical?) condition known as the “bystander effect” or “bystander apathy.” Loosely stated, someone with witnesses (ie – a crowd) is 3 times LESS likely to act than an individual due to diffusion of responsibility. Basically, with the more people we just say “well I am sure someone else is about to help.”

    Additionally, to add to that….walking into a plank fight is a nice intention, but all that would have happened would be one more injury if not another death.

    It’s a sad state that there is even a need for this sort of discussion/commentary now-a-days, but that’s the world we live in.

    As for those of you claiming failed “liberal programs” – this condition is far beyond any one party’s doing.

  11. I really think that the unedited version of this video should be open to the public. Its not that this version of the video isn’t heartbreaking enough but seeing it exactly how it happenend without blurring out things would make it hit closer to home.

  12. The Truth- This isn’t a government problem. This is a moral, and community problem. You can’t expect the government to fix everything. If this was a scheduled event, then yes, the government should have been there already. The government can’t see the future to predict when random street violence is going to erupt. People need to step up and take responsibility for their communities. You must “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~Gandhi

  13. What is most interesting about this video is it shows that Derrion was involved in the fight as well. He was trying to hit someone before he was hit. Honestly, most people unless involved in a fight will go the other way, yet it ran towards the fight. Don’t get me wrong it is sad that this child had to die in sure a violent way. I think it’s really sad and sicking that the guy video taping this event was more content with being entertained by the fight then helping a falling child. This will be something he and anyone else that watched this take place will have to live with. Violence is never the answer, it time young people learn that.

  14. hey “pissed off”, first off.. go fuck yourself for calling us idiots for leaving comments about caring. Secondly, you might be a tough guy with anonymity online, but in real life i hardly think you would have gotten out of your car and tried to stop 20 or so assholes with planks.

    While it would have been awesome to have a ton more people aiding to help, but you think 1 guy walking into that would have fixed the problem?

    You watch too much batman.

    And jada, suck a wet bag of moldy cunt and choke on the filth that spits from your mouth.

  15. your all idots, the person at fault is the dumb ass video taping. I know they said the video helped the investigation but if the guy would have helped the guy getting the shit beat out of him then there might not have been need for a investigation. Its just sad, to see someone watching someone get beat to death, by many many people. it is just not right. if you are going to fight, fight like a man. with your hands and one on one.

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  17. Your last 2 posts show why the US gvment has a shit load of work to do internally before they can go “save” or “help” other countries. But I guess there’s no money in that…

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