Ouch! Amber Rose gets Diamond Studded Lip Ring (pics)

Picture 23Source: HuffPost

You gotta love Amber Rose. The always seen and seldom heard model and arm candy of Kanye West knows how to make the press without so much as uttering a word. Here she goes with her new diamond studded lip ring that only she can pull off. Hopefully she did not put a hole in her lip. Anyway why hate the girl she has got it! Hit the break for a full shot of the sexiest chick in the Hip Hop world.

Picture 21

Kanye West & Amber Rose @ amfAR Milano 2009 event in Italy

3 thoughts on “Ouch! Amber Rose gets Diamond Studded Lip Ring (pics)

  1. what is this lips are pink hair is gone , this is a fashion ? if common parson take this fashion his relative sand hime to madehous ? diamonds are wear in fingers, ear ,nose but in lipps i am shocked !

  2. 7. I want to ask doesn’t it hurt? And if it falls? Doesn’t it create a problem when you want to eat and drink? and how to get it done ? but definitely it is looking beautiful. A new accessory found for the girls to spend the bucks. I wanna try too but I fear the pain and will it suit me as it suits her? Hey, can anyone tell me where to go and get it done? I want it but without bearing the pain!!

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