Ground Beef Not Safe: NY TIMES

Truly disturbing is the fact that are combining meat from different animals from different slaughter houses. Sick sick sick!
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A nausea-inducing feature in the New York Times tells you more than you wanted to know about what’s actually in commercially produced hamburger, and why it’s especially vulnerable, despite FDA regulation and several fatal outbreaks in recent years, to E. coli contamination. The Times follows the case of a 22-year-old dance instructor paralyzed after an infection, finding that a single hamburger could contain beef products from several slaughterhouses on several continents. Failure to inspect the separate ingredients before they are combined is only the worst of the lapses in the safety system. “Ground beef is not a completely safe product,” says a food safety expert, who notes a backslide in outbreaks after substantial improvements had been made in testing. The USDA, meanwhile, is implementing stricter testing and increasing training for inspectors. “We are not standing still when it comes to E. coli,” says one official.


2 thoughts on “Ground Beef Not Safe: NY TIMES

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  2. “More than you wanted to know” !?

    How do you figure that?

    You prefer not knowing that the meat industry doesn’t care if you get sick or die from their product that they refuse to test? You don’t want to know that you are most definitely ingesting feces, rust, ammonia, and worse things, such as dangerous or otherwise bacteria with your meat? You prefer remaining ignorant of the risk of becoming paralyzed or worse, by a hamburger? OK, suit yourself. The rest of us are grateful for such information.

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