Update:Chris Rock Sued for $5 Million over ‘Good Hair’ Documentary

Update #1:

I was sent the official court documents via Twitter from the The Nappy Roots Facebook page and I am posting the link here if you would like to read the case in detail.  Here is a new video interview with Ms. Kimbell and her lawyer.

He was on The View this morning and did not mention this at all. C’Mon Son (Ed Lover voice). Anyway my partner had mentioned this movie to me and that she thought they were strikingly similiar. Below I have posted the trailer to both movies:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

via HuffPost

LOS ANGELES — A filmmaker is suing Chris Rock for at least $5 million and trying to block the release of his upcoming documentary “Good Hair.”

Regina Kimbell sued Rock and several film companies in federal court in Los Angeles on Monday, claiming Rock’s project is a copycat of her film, “My Nappy Roots.”

Kimbell states she screened her film for the comedian in 2007. The lawsuit states “My Nappy Roots” traces the business and cultural history of black hair care and has otherwise only been shown at colleges and film festivals since its completion in 2006.

Her lawsuit claims several of elements of her film have been copied.

Rock’s publicist declined to comment.

“Good Hair” will be released in certain cities on Friday and nationwide on Oct. 23.

One thought on “Update:Chris Rock Sued for $5 Million over ‘Good Hair’ Documentary

  1. Rock’s documentary DOES NOT mention the history and meaning behind Black women’s hair, “My Nappy ROOTS” has the story. Second if you read the court documents you’ll see that the case is not merely about taking the idea of doing a black hair doc it’s the fact that unique elements from “My Nappy ROOTS” were supposedly lifted and used in “Good Hair”. In the legal doc’s I’ve read online, Rock didn’t seemingly know about Indian tonsure until he saw My Nappy ROOTS. He’s definitely SUSPECT! As a filmmaker I’ve seen both films at screenings, TRUST just cause he added a few more laughs, his film IS NOT A COMEDY. Admittedly THAT trailer from ROOTS makes it look more serious it’s really lighter than that. So Don’t beleive the studio hype. Both films also have humorous elements, trips to manufacturing plants, inspiration by daughters, talks with political figures and celebs…CHRIS didn’t have to cover all of that to make his film. He could have just stuck with Bronner Bros story or just the Indian Hair thing but he didn’t. Again his actions seem a bit SHADY to me

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