New Michael Jackson Song Released!

Michael Jackson’s “This is It” theme song to the film was released today.  I love it!  Michael sounds strong and that voice is beautiful as usual.

What do you think about the song?  Do you think it was released too soon?

2 thoughts on “New Michael Jackson Song Released!

  1. 15. Hey! I love Michael Jackson I don’t think it is that very early as you say. I have been waiting for this and I want more like this as soon as you can bring them to the market. His videos make us feel that he is still there with us. His soul is resting is peace but we all want to listen to his soulful voice. I wish I could dance like him, but no worries I’ll teach my babies through his videos.


  2. Why saying so early? We all him and want to hear his lovely voice. Is it good that it has been released at this time, as many of his fans wish to get their hands on the latest from him? His memories will never fade and this is good to know that it is soon going to be in the market. Waiting to grab a copy quickly. Sorry but can’t say long live the great dancer and singer.

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