15 Year-Old Set on Fire in Florida

Youth Violence is everywhere.  Regardless of race or sexual orientation, bullying is on the rise and needs to be addressed.  This is more serious than an old-school fight at recess.

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. — Three juveniles are in custody in connection with an attack on a 15-year-old boy who was deliberately set on fire near a Deerfield Beach apartment complex pool, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies were called to the Lime Tree apartments in reference to a teen who suffered a burn injury at about 3:15 p.m. Monday.When deputies and firefighters arrived, they found the victim, Michael Brewer, sitting in a lawn chair near the pool. The teen had been burned extensively above the waist, and he said that he was splashed with a flammable liquid and then set on fire.

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17 thoughts on “15 Year-Old Set on Fire in Florida

  1. what is the latest on the punishment of the “boys” that did this. I say “boys” because they are evil punks that should be tried AS ADULTS!! Not boys!!! If anyone known’s what is currently going on with this case, please reply. Thank you.

  2. My younger brother is the same age as those boys. He is nine years my junior,and just because of the age difference I worry for him like he’s my child. But to think there are monsters out there like these, no they are not human, they can’t be. They are evil. These are spawns of satan in the flesh. I am not a religious radical or anything like that. I am a normal 21 yrs old. But I recofnize evil when I hear it and see it. This is the end, our world is too far gone to fix. We can not continue to make excuses for these “boys”. They are at an age where they are old enough to know better. Point blank. in about 4 years they will be legal adults. well, let’s give them a head start. They planned this, and for that they should burn on Micheal Brewer’s behalf.

  3. Get better soon Michael, and for the little wana be thugs your parents should beat your a@@ with razor wire.

  4. Only 4 the victim Michael Brewer.Mother Azna and father
    God touch this teen so completely and so deeply. Heal his wounds
    and numb the pain of this kid.Perform the greatest miracle for this teen so he may come out on the other side stronger and fearless and do greatness for the rest of his life for this world. Arem,Shem.Beth Sedal,Sacravalian,Ahad. I will this now.

  5. Sometimes one can read a news story and it really affects you. This is one of those incidents. I hope the doctors induced a coma for this innocent victim so he cannot feel the pain right now. His life has changed – and not for the better. My prayers go out to him and his family. Take away the freedom of these culprits so they can sit and ponder for the rest of their lives on what they did. They could of just punched this kid in the face if they were that pissed off and be done with it – but planning a mode of attack to burn someone…jail and throw away the key! The parents should feel ashamed for they have failed their children, themselves and the rest of society. You can’t tell me that these were good boys and just one day decided to do something like this. There were probably many signs and the parent(s) just turned the other cheek.

  6. First, this crime was thought out. You don’t walk around with a bottle of rubbing alcohol in your pocket. They were looking for him and this crime is premeditated. Why do you think he didn’t go to school that day. There were threats and he was scared. No child in this country should fear to go to school. Here is a young man who stood up for what is right and will suffer the rest of his life. Write to the judge and tell him what you feel the punishment should be. They are voted in and should know what most people feel should be done to these hoodlums. How would you feel if he were your son or grandson?

  7. These worthless human beings who did this should die. All of them. They are absolutely useless POS’s on this earth. Try them as adults, and fry them all very slowly. This is what happens when South Florida lets too many slummy, hood rats live their lives. Send em back where they came from.

  8. This story broke my heart. I think of Micheal everyday and am praying for him and his family. He did not deserve this…..but the teenagers who did this to him need to be held responsible. I’m so tired of people making excuses for others bad behavior. They deserve to be punished….a slap on the wrist is not going to cut it.

  9. You can also help with the family’s medical expenses by donating for the fund set up at any Bank of America. They will have access to the account information. Just walk into a bank and have them look it up and donate. The family does not have insurance. Thanks.

  10. For some reason more than anything this story broke my heart! It seems to have hited close to home, not in the aspects of my sons doing anything this dreadful but most of the time kids are just getting a slap on the wrist from police. Oh next time your punishment will be worse, come on next time what do you mean next time what if next time they kill somone! It really bothers me that the kids who did this think nothing of it and their lawyers are saying they are too young and immature to know what they were doing! that is a line of BS I have a 7 yr old who knows better that to even touch things like that and knows what could possibly happen. Children nowadays resort to physical voilence to sort out their problems but I think that the parents are to blame because they may not be incouraging it but they are not stopping it. Like I was watching a segement where one of the mothers said he child was in the wrong place at the wront time, I dotn buy it. I think these children should pay the crime. Honestly I think the 13 yr should have to go to a detention center til he is 18. I mean he thought this was funny because it wasnt him. As for the others I think they should all go to detention centers til they are 18 than have probation or jail time. But as for the one who lite the fire JAIL TIME! I dont think anyone should sugar coat this crime if you let them get away with this the worse is yet to come and maybe not with this child (hopefully not) but with another child who pisses them off!

  11. This story broke my heart.. To think this poor young boy had to be burned for revenge from these bullies… IT is just horrible.. I hope they are charged as adults and do get the punishement that they deserve.. MY heart goes out to this family.. YOU are all in our prayers.. I remember burning my finger as a teenager and it was the worst pain ever.. Well Michael is burned from his waist up… Can you imagine the pain this poor boy is in… I wish you a very fast recovery .. you are in my prayers..

  12. our hearts and prayers go out to this young person and his family, sadly these monsters responsible will get off lightly, they are without soul, that is a fact, no one with a heart or soul would set fire to another human being, to do that to another young person, they will never feel the pain they have inflicted on this teenager, what kind of family/upbringing makes these kinds of brutal unthinking morons? as a parent so sickened to hear there are brainless monsters like these guys who can thoughtlessly destroy another young person’s life in a split second, evil, they are evil.

  13. I wonder what is wrong with the teenagers. As the police thinks that it is matter about theft of a bicycle then why did they get so hyper to get to the extent of committing a crime. Now what is their future gonna be? And what about their parents? This is really pity to see where the present generation heading. We need to think deeply how to curb the aggression in the youngsters.

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