One thought on “Spike Jones Bitch Slaps Kanye West for Texting (LMAO)

  1. Amazing. Pimping, Pimping, Pimping Ken wants to be on the stage. This demonstrates a futile understanding what what brought any number of men “in the life down.” The next thing you know, Mister, you gonna be reading about Ken facing time for tax evasion and other crimes. Remember the movie “Paid In Full” where the main drug dealer kept telling his colleagues about “the stage?” The majority of these pimps, drugs dealers, and criminals end up either in jail or dead, and flatnose broke because they always want to be on stage and don’t have a damn thing but “mouth game.” Who the fuck in the history of pimping (or crime for that matter) even heard of a pimp doing videos, writing how-to books about pimping and appea4ring on talk shows? You think the man ain’t sizing you on the stage Negroes up? You are fucking criminals and a real criminal (the ones worth their salt) stay off the stage. Now, that’s some real pimping–Pimpimg Ken.

Sound Off!!

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