[video] Best Apple iPhone Costume ever!

Source: Alltop

These guys definitely took costumes to another level. Some corporation is gonna want to advertise with these guys.

via Alltop

Little trick-or-treaters start knocking at your door Saturday and, if your Halloween costume remains in pieces on the living room floor, then you will probably want to scratch your crappy outfit after seeing what two dudes from Florida came up with for their Halloween ensemble.

Reko Riveria and John Savio took their love of all things iPhone (along with a big burst of creativity and $2000 bucks) and created the most awesome Apple-themed costume ever. Sorry to all those mock turtleneck-donning folks thinking their Steve Jobs costume would take the candy corn cake this year. John and Reko’s sort-of working iPhone costumes use a 42” LCD TV for the giant phone’s display and are powered by car batteries. Hmm, don’t expect to take home any “Best Costume” prizes if you plan to spend Halloween with these guys.

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