Sixers reportedly interested in Iverson: ESPN

I guess you bloggers may have prematurely put Iverson out to pasture because this sounds like it is gonna happen. Iverson’s pride alone will not let him retire at this time.

It appears that the Philadelphia 76ers are re-thinking their stance about bringing back franchise icon Allen Iverson.

After first reporting Iverson’s intention to retire earlier this week, longtime Iverson confidant Stephen A. Smith reported early Saturday that the Sixers, according to team sources, were giving deep consideration to making Iverson an offer.

“It’s being seriously considered,” one team official told Smith in an article for

A team official told on Friday that the Sixers did not intend to pursue Iverson in the wake of a broken jaw that has sidelined starting guard Lou Williams for eight weeks, preferring to give Williams’ minutes to rookie Jrue Holiday.

According to Smith’s latest report, Sixers coach Eddie Jordan is one of several key figures in the organization who supports Iverson’s return.


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