[video] Teacher tries to put a ‘Hit’ on Student(after he ‘jerk dances’ with another boy)

Source: HoodHollywood

This dude is certified loony. He needs to be put away in a psych ward immediately forget administrative leave. I also took some liberty with that headline because I don’t know what kind of dance they were doing.

Officials are investigating claims that Forde threatened the student after asking him whether he was gay.

Forde was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats against the 16-year-old student.

Attorney Terance Madden represents the student and said Forde pulled him from class and asked if he was gay. Madden said the student became angry at the suggestion and the next day the two had a verbal altercation.

The teacher also threatened to hit him in the mouth and asked another student to put a hit on the boy, Madden said.

The student’s mother, Marcia Killebrew, said her son came home frightened when he found out. Police say the teacher held up a piece of paper with the alleged victim’s name on it, indicating he’d placed a hit on the boy.
Forde’s attorney said his client asked the student about being gay after he saw the boy dancing inappropriately with another male student in class.

Full Story Here

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