Buy Stuff from Kanye West, Help Community Music Programs

Emily sent this over to let you guys know that you can buy some great Kanye signed memorabilia and help out the kiddes at the same time. Read below for details.

Since December 3rd Karmaloop has been celebrating the launch of their brand new auction site KarmaSwap by giving people the opportunity to bid on Kanye signed memorabilia. 100% of the proceeds raised go to the Kanye West Foundation which combats the severe dropout problem in schools.

The final auction of the signed Air Yeezys closes tomorrow! You can visit Kanye’s Closet on Karmaloop:

About The Kanye West Foundation
The mission of the Kanye West Foundation, is to help combat the severe dropout problem in schools across the United States by partnering with community organizations to provide under-served youth access to music production programs that will enable them to unleash their creative ability and reach their full potential.

About KarmaSwap
KarmaSwap is Karmaloop’s new reseller and auction site where users can buy and sell original art, used gear, limited edition sneakers, accessories, new t-shirt designs and toys.  KarmaSwap has two distinct sections: KarmaSwap Resellers, where individual sellers can re-sell items in their collections such as sneakers or used clothing and KarmaSwap Stores, where underground brands and designers can sell their original creations.

Sound Off!!

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