[pics] Meet the Cast of Avatar

Source : BuzzFeed/Scott Lamb

Did you guys see Avatar? If not, I highly recommend you take yourself to the nearest movie theater for three hours and see this masterpiece. Props to James Cameron for creating a movie that is beyond just a bunch of CGI and things blowing up (sorry Michael Bay). Check out the cast below as they go from human to 9 ft. Aliens. (Scott who did a great job compiling these pics, made a mistake with Tsu’tey who is played by Laz Alonso and not Derek Luke.).

  • Zoe Saldana/Neytiri

  • Sam Worthington/Jake Sully

  • Sigourney Weaver/Dr. Grace Augustine

  • Laz Alonso/Tsu’tey

  • CCH Pounder/Mo’at

  • Wes Studi/Eytukan

  • Joel Moore/Norm Spellman

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