Black People Get Their Own ‘Jersey Shore’ Show : ‘One Big Happy Family’ Debuts December 29th.

I found out about the ‘One Big Happy Family’ reality show on TLC while watching another show called ‘BBQ Pitmasters’ where white people cook massive amounts of pork for hours and enter it into a tasting contest. The teaser for OBHF displays a fat, sloppy, bucket of fried chicken eating stereotypical Black family who are extremely over weight and trying to battle the bulge all the while showing how much they love each other. I have tried to to find the teaser online but to no avail I found none. That is very strange for a show debuting this week it would seem they would have some sort of promotion online.The TLC website has no trailers or teasers just a schedule of it debuting on Dec. 29th.

This show which falls back on old stereotypes and supposedly aims to address obesity, does it in such a distasteful way that if Black Americans do not protest as Italian-Americans have with ‘Jersey Shore’, then all of the so-called progress we have made President Obama is being washed way with a 2 liter Pepsi and side of biscuits. Even more unbelievable is that they are trying to rid this weight without the help of health or dietary professionals. It seems that it would be virtually impossible for this to happen with the assumed bad eating habits this family has had over the years. Below I have posted pics and the press release for the new age Klumps :

via Entrepreneur

SILVER SPRING, Md., Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ — ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY moves into TLC on Tuesday nights beginning December 29 at 9 PM (ET/PT). This six-part series profiles the Coles, a close-knit family of four dealing with life as a morbidly obese household. Weighing in at a collective 1,400 pounds, each half-hour episode follows the family on their journey of self-improvement — chronicling everything from their everyday struggles to the larger picture of why they overeat — as they attempt to lose weight to ultimately save their family from dire health complications.

Obesity rates are at an all time high in America, and the Coles are part of the growing epidemic. The same rituals that have strengthened their family bond — such as cheerful family gatherings around the kitchen table and hilarious “truth nights” over cheesecake — have enabled the bad behaviors responsible for their size. With Mom, Dad, daughter and son each weighing in at well over 300 lbs., the Coles are reminded daily that they literally do not fit in, as everyday situations such as buckling a seatbelt and sitting in a restaurant booth are challenging. But, as big as they are, their love for each other is even bigger — and when one of the family members is diagnosed with a life threatening health issue, the family unites to change their lifestyle for good.

With a healthy dose of humor and love, ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY spotlights the Coles as they pull together as a family to tackle the patterns that are keeping them overweight. Without the help of a nutritionist or personal trainer, the family has only each other to rely on to drop the pounds. It’s a long and emotional process full of trial and error and late night “cheats,” but through it all, they have each other. No matter what obstacles they encounter or how embarrassing a situation may be, the Coles continue to motivate one another — and are determined to accomplish their goal of attaining a healthier lifestyle as a family.

Meet the Coles family:

    --  Norris, 41 and 340 lbs., is a stay-at-home Dad who cooks, cleans and
        loves taking care of his wife and kids almost as much as his best friend
        -- the family dog, Coal;
    --  His wife, Tameka, 36 and 380 lbs., supports the family and manages to be
        both the disciplinarian and the comedian in the house;
    --  Amber, 16 and 348 lbs., is a thoughtful young girl who loves to write.
        Entering her senior year in high school, she is about to start dating
        and getting ready for college;
    --  Shayne, 14 and 308 lbs., is a rising sophomore in high school and always
        the life of the party

ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY is produced for TLC by RDF USA (Wife Swap, Find My Family, Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty). Executive producers include Mike Duffy and Chris Coelen for RDF USA, and Julia Silverton. Duffy created the show.

6 thoughts on “Black People Get Their Own ‘Jersey Shore’ Show : ‘One Big Happy Family’ Debuts December 29th.

  1. I’m black I’ve seen this show and I like it. There fat & black so what. Nothg 2 get n2 an uproar about. There real people obesity is a real epidemic. I hope they get healthy. I like jersy shore 2 I think people hate it cuz it shows how ghetto white people can be. Stereotypes are based on real life.

  2. I love this show cause even though they are over weight there happy as a family and our working together as a team to loose the pounds its movtiated me in my own diet so i say lets get it 180 here i come 5 pds down 35 more to go

  3. Their bigger dog seems to be built a lot like our keeshond. I was wondering if that was right too, but I haven’t found any more information.

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