Rush Limbaugh on Death Bed? Taken to Hospital in Hawaii

Would we really miss this fat, sloppy racist, pill popping pig?

via Reuters

KITV television station said Limbaugh was in serious condition at Honolulu’s The Queen’s Medical Center after being treated at a hotel by paramedics, citing unnamed sources.

Hospital administration coordinator Wendy Rogers told Reuters she could not comment on the report. Due to patient confidentiality rules, it is up to patients to decide if they want information to be released, she added.

Limbaugh, a popular but controversial voice in American politics, was vacationing in Hawaii at the same time as Democratic President Barack Obama and his family.

Limbaugh’s program, one of the highest rated in talk radio, is broadcast over 600 stations nationwide and is known for lambasting Democratic policies and politicians.

Limbaugh, 58, has suffered from medical problems in the past decade, including a loss of hearing reversed by a cochlear, or electronic hearing device, implant, and an addiction to painkillers.

3 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh on Death Bed? Taken to Hospital in Hawaii

  1. Streetknowledge, don’t tease us like that!!! Is this pig really on his death bed? The only sad thing about this is that this animal is getting a chance to reflect on it’s life. I can only pray that it is too stupid to repent for it’s hateful, sinful life, and it dies destined for HELL!

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