New Artist: Jola “She Say”

We get tons of submissions everyday at Street Knowledge Headquarters. I will make a better effort to start posting these new guys and give you guys the opportunity to tell me if it is ‘Hot or Not’. This one right here is from the homie Blog Xilla who shot this over. Not too familiar with this kid Jola, but forget what I think , this all about you guys.


Allstar Comedy show hosted by Star and Bucwild (presented by Hip Hop Stan) and Q Ent. present an Allstar Comedy show hosted by Star and Bucwild starring Smokey, Rashaun Reese, Marcus Combs and Freeze Luv on Friday Feb 5th at SOPAC theater in South Orange, NJ. Show starts at 9pm tickets are $35 (balcony), $45 (floor), $60 (VIP)… Let me know if you need tickets or you can buy them directly from the SOPAC box office (

American Apparel Launches ‘Best Butt in the World’ Contest

I have died and gone to heaven. American Apparel has launched a contest looking for the best ‘Bottom in the world’. Full contest review below:

We’re looking for a brand new bum (the best in the world!) to be the new “face” for our always expanding intimates and briefs lines. The winners will be flown to LA, photographed and featured online. Send in a close-up photo of your backside wearing American Apparel panties, bodysuits or briefs for consideration and vote for your personal favorites.

Exclusive: Chicago Blackhawks New Era 59/50

Rock-N-Jocks will give you a penalty if you don’t pick up this just released custom Chicago Blackhawks New Era 59/50 fitted hat. This hat is all black, with an all red bill. The embroidered “Blackhawks face” logo is in multiple colors. The back of this hat has the embroidered n.h.l. logo in red and black. Just limited to 30 total pieces. Go get yours exclusively at

WTF: Stephon Marbury set to debut for Chinese Team

Did not see Stephon Marbury signing with a Chinese team at all. This guy makes some of the strangest moves in history. More below:

via AFP

BEIJING — Former NBA All Star Stephon Marbury has said he hopes to use his on-court skills to market his brand of low-cost basketball shoes when he laces up for China’s Shanxi Zhongyu in the coming weeks.

“I want to bring love to Chinese fans and I want to feel the love of the Chinese fans, so I’m going to play hard and work to help Shanxi win more games,” Marbury told Tuesday’s Titan Sports Weekly, a top Chinese sports paper.

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[video] Dairy’s Darkside (Cows being Abused at NY Largest Dairy Farm)

Source: Huff Post

This is a very shocking video and I must give warning to you guys before you watch this very disturbing video.

In early 2009 an MFA undercover investigator worked at the mega-dairy, secretly documenting egregious acts of animal cruelty, including neglect, with a hidden camera.

Thankfully, compassionate consumers can choose to withdraw their support of these abusive industries by adopting a vegan diet.
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Update: President Obama proposes to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Source: The Life Files

Update#1 : Rob Smith (a gay Iraq War veteran) sent me an email and asked me to post a link to his thoughts on this matter, and though I do not agree with his views, I am posting the link to the article on Huff Post so that you guys can read and make your own decision.

Just to give you a hint he says he feels “President Obama has been the greatest ally to LGBT people and gay veterans that we’ve ever had in a President”.

Click here to read his article in full..

The ‘Joint Chiefs of Staff’ definitely were not pleased with this at all.

In his State of the Union address, President Obama said that he will ask Congress and the military to finally repeal the law that denies gay Americans the right to serve, without hiding their sexua…
In his State of the Union address, President Obama said that he will ask Congress and the military to finally repeal the law that denies gay Americans the right to serve, without hiding their sexuality.

Teen Mom’ Tips For ’16 & Pregnant’ Moms

I am still baffled about how MTV is pushing this show. Admittedly I have watched it and think that there is a bit of glamorization element to these girls who are now celebrities based on just having a baby at 16 years old. Don’t get me wrong teen pregnancy is a issue that needs to be dealt with still getting used to it being done on a scripted reality show. Leaves the door open for young girls to try to get pregnant just to be on the show. This is like a reality version of the recent movie ‘A Pregnancy Pact’

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[video] Steve Jobs Keynote Introducing iPad

Now I know that critics are coming down hard on this first version of the iPad, but Steve Jobs and his engineers at Apple are extremely clever in this release. Now if you following the coverage there are bunch of features that are not included in this mobile device, but it just gives them more room to come with upgraded versions over the next few years just as they did with the iPod and iPhone. Many are calling this the death of the laptop as we know it. I have added two videos of the keynote and when I find a full rip of it I will add it for all you Apple freaks.

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Steve Jobs introduces the new ‘iPad’

via NY Times

All of us use laptops and smartphones now. The question has arisen lately: is there room for a third category of device in the middle?

The new device will have to be far better than the laptop and smartphone at doing important things: browsing the Web, doing e-mail, enjoying and sharing photographs, watching videos, enjoying your music collection, playing games, reading e-books. Otherwise, “it has no reason for being.”

Apple’s answer: the iPad.

It looks like, well, a big iPhone, pretty much as anticipated.


An Obituary For ‘Conscious Rap’ by Omar Burgess

Check out this dope piece written by Omar Burgess about ‘the death of conscious rap.’ I love his assessment and think you guys should read this.

via Hip Hop DX

I was listening to Til The Casket Drops—not necessarily mad at it, but definitely wishing it was more like Hell Hath No Fury—when I found Malice quoting scriptures and talking about watching Madagascar with his kids in a way that didn’t sound preachy or forced. I started wondering if Malice and Pusha T had stumbled upon some bastardized form of “Conscious Rap.” The Clipse have voiced their distaste for rhymes with heavy-handed messages over the years. But if this is the new standard for what’s conscious, I’m either glad Conscious Rap, as my generation knew it, is dead or interested to see who else will toss a few more shovels full of dirt on the casket [no pun intended].

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Jessie Ventura Investigates HAARP (Parts 1-4)

Source: Allhiphop

HAARP, or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, was developed by international oil companies as a high-powered way to communicate with submarines utilizing extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves to penetrate the ocean. When the U.S. military realized its potency, it bought HAARP.
Jesse Ventura in his new TV show Conspiracy Theory investigates HAARP which is housed in a massive 35 acre, 180 tower complex in Gakona, AK.

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[video] Kobe Bryant debuts Nike Kobe Zoom 5 at House of Hoops (Harlem NYC)

Source: Kicks on Fire

The homie Khan shot this exclusive footage over of Kobe introducing the new Nike Kobe Zoom 5.

Fresh off of his victory at the Garden (115-105), Kobe Bryant made a very special appearance at the House of Hoops, showcasing his latest shoe – the Nike Zoom Kobe 5. He arrived at approximately 11:00pm through the back exit of the store surrounded several security guards. The crowd went crazy as soon as Kobe walked in. Strangely enough, the person interviewing him was no other than Nick Cannon. Kobe was asked several questions about the Nike Zoom Kobe 5 and its inspiration and technical specifications. Check out the video below…

About the shoe: The Nike Zoom Kobe 5 weighs about 10.6 ounces and is currently Nike’s lightest basketball shoe ever. The Nike Zoom Kobe 5  is a true low cut design for Kobe’s snake-on-the-hardwood speed and razor sharp ability. It’s basically lightweight, sharpened.

Exclusive: Custom Atlanta Braves New Era 59/50 Fitted Hat

Rock-N-Jocks wants to make you unique in this world with this just dropped Custom Atlanta Braves New Era 59/50 Fitted Hat. This Atlanta Braves hat is all purple with the top of the bill in lime green and the bottom of the bill in orange. The embroidered “A” logo on the front of the hat is in lime green and outlined in orange. On the back of the hat is the mlb logo in lime green and orange. It is limited to just 30 total pieces and the only place you will ever find this custom fitted in the world is at