Apples sends invites to reporters to “come see our latest creation”

Reporters finally get an invite to the worst kept secret in the technology world.

Yes folks — the rumors are true. Apple is holding an event on January 27th to show off something the company is calling their “latest creation.” Hair standing on end? Good. The proceedings will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, and will get underway at 10AM Pacific. We’ll be there live — as usual — covering every little second of the action… so get ready!


2 thoughts on “Apples sends invites to reporters to “come see our latest creation”

  1. Wow Jason, I will have to place you in the coveted user group called the Early Adopters.

    This is gonna be big and Apple has managed to do it again!
    Can’t wait to see what they cooked up.

  2. I don’t think Apple will disappoint on this one. If the text input on the tablet is even close to practical and the device is every-day usable, here’s my plan:

    – Sell my new MacBook Pro.
    – Purchase an iMac or Mac Mini & monitor for my desktop
    – Purchase new-fangled Apple tablet to sync up with desktop and carry around with me.
    – Discover unforeseen limitations of my plan. 🙂

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