START YOUR OWN BLOG [The Brand You Series] by Chris Knotti

Rappers have made the same mistake over and over, depending on a blog to cosign them! It’s great at first, being exposed to the masses, but there’s a problem with this microwave process!

The problem is, you may not be ready for the masses! To often I find hateful comments posted in the forums of these blog, which will turn the next person off who might have liked you had you been introduced to them organically! With Twitter, WordPress and Ning around, there is almost no excuse for an artist to not be engaging his audience! You need your own blog!

Don’t get me wrong! There’s nothing wrong with being featured on outside blogs but you should make sure they link back to your blog! Your fanbase will need a place to meet up, talk about you, get the latest info, SPREAD YOUR GOSPEL!

A great example of this is 50 Cents website,! Most bloggers scour the internet looking for things to post. So posting in one central place makes more sense and saves the time of sending out annoying emails to bloggers who are not interested in getting them! Its the purest form of permission marketing there is! The bottom line is this, press can be great for an artist, but make sure you have a place to cultivate your movement, a haven for those who are your evangelist!

Building 1 fan a day takes time but it pays off. follow me @KNsocial and leave a comment, Id love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

15 thoughts on “START YOUR OWN BLOG [The Brand You Series] by Chris Knotti

  1. whats deep about snitching to sohh…that aint no got damn strategy thats a bitch move and as far as this post your not saying anything new your just throwing pearls to swine (the game suppose to be sold not told but im not surprised its coming from you…sad

  2. @knsocial yo.. i checked out some of your “brands”. u say you own a lot of web property, but all of the sites i see your name attached to are owned by ning. where is your “web property”? wheres your domain? are you hosting any sites on your OWN server? i think not. i think you got it backwards homey. anyone can sign up to ning and make a free website. and i could pay you to do my blog.. bcus if you were making any money, you wouldnt have time to make these pointless “start your own brand series”. if i sent you $500, i’d have you in the palm of my hands… maybe even less lol

  3. I agree, it all boils down to having a sense of ownership. If a rapper has his own blog he’s able to project, and market himself as he see’s fit, oppose to relying on other sites.

  4. I think its an important part of branding any artist by having a website dedicated to you. I necassarily don’t think a blog or ning is it. Something maintained by the label or artist reps to keep fans update to date with your touring and music is important

  5. I agree to the fullest no one can tell you story like you. If you wanna get you point across without a blogger or an interviewer editing your words then you should have your own blog. You should have a place for you and your fans to grow together.

  6. I like the idea of artists having their own sites and curating their own image like Drake’s October’s Very Own site. Everyone DOES NOT, however, need their own ning site. Most of those sites just post the same World Star videos and unless the artist has a brolic catalog like someone like Max B, a site like that might serve to do more bad then good in terms of turning people onto their music. A personally curated blog, like Drakes, or even Kanye’s (on a smaller scale of course) is a great way to give fans incite into an artists inspirations and news.

  7. Easy for someone to say I messed up the Criminals Gone. Wild brand! However, that was deeper than I am willing to discuss! Thanks for reading my post anyway! Hopefully it help!

    And as for the mad rapper whose site doesn’t get hit! Your music probably sucks, there’s no matketing magic for product that just sucks, like I suppose your does! Lol and you couldn’t pay me to do your blog trust me! In case you’ve haven’t notice I own a lot of web property w/ big names attached to them!

  8. last i heard you FUCKED up a brand. wasn’t you the niga who snitched on Criminals Gone Wild? That brand was about to blow up but you came out and said the shit was fake. Cmon SON!

  9. im a rapper, i got a blog, and that still ain’t doin shit. thisis50 is popular bcus 50 is a rap superstar. don’t try to gas these nigas. so now what? i pay you to build my blog? fuk outta here

  10. Yea, you have to engage your fans. The internet has leveled the playing fields. There are artist with no label backing that are actively touring!

  11. I totally agree as an aspiring artist, and one trying to build a brand a friend who has a larger fanbase I always tell him he has to reach out to the internet and pick up a larger fanbase if we plan to tour this summer..I pretty much ran my old myspace music page like a blog, recapping a show from the previous night, hyping new music and upcoming projects.

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