5 thoughts on “[pics] Cheetahs decide to play and not eat baby Antelope

  1. and by the way, that antelope got ate.. dude who took the pics even said it. those pics was just for some fuck shit and for fuck nigas like you to post it. nigas know cats play with their meals sometimes. this site is some fuck shit

  2. ur site USE to be good, you sold out ma dude get down or lay DOWN!!!!!!!!! and fuck u for bloggin about yele and wyclef like the rest of them fuckbois….u AND ur site losin MAAAD cool points!

  3. you call ur self street knowledge media and all u doin is makin liveleak, wordpress and youtube rich, you dont know what the fuck u doin over there…u calll urself strreet knowledge but u postin cnn bullshit c’mon son !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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