[video] Nas & Common Speak on Violent Rap Lyrics

Source: Nahright

Rappers Nas and Common came together at the BMI hosted event during the 52nd Annual Grammy Weekend in Los Angeles CA. The two icons not only spoke on the impact their music has on each other, but also on the emotions behind the lyrics. Enjoy part 1 of this 2 part series brought to you by BMI and Blacktree media.

2 thoughts on “[video] Nas & Common Speak on Violent Rap Lyrics

  1. Voilent rap lyrics really do play roll in today’s world. So many kids I know repeat the lyrics and go out and act like the artist. My son does it to me and I have to check what I say so he doesn’t repeat it. He is only 3 and he say’s he is a gangsta rapper. He’s obviously not a killer or a gangster, but the look and style to him is gangster. These youngs kids today don’t understand the difference in a gangsta walk, and dressing “gangsta”, than a real gang member affiliated with violence and drugs. We should be mindfull of the things we say just to save the kids!!

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